List of Schooleo features

See how versatile Schooleo is as an application

  1. Activities
    • individual/group classes, one-time/cyclical, online/real-world ;)
    • making appointments, making up, deleting, rearranging - all in calendars in different versions
    • The possibility of cancelling classes individually as well as for a given period (by the teacher, student, unexcused) and making them up
    • possibility to report absences in group classes
    • possibility to set individual price for classes for each participant
    • collision detection mechanism for added classes
    • online registration for classes/courses
    • A pending list of online enrollments with the option to accept/reject them
    • online enrollment widget to be placed on website
    • the ability to add a note to a class
    • possibility to add materials to classes (coming soon)

  2. Students
    • student database
    • possibility to invite to student portal
    • register of unexcused and homework lessons
    • list of the student's teachers
    • note about the student
    • list of active contracts, vouchers and student courses
    • schedule of individual students
    • possibility of email/sms communication
    • current student debt
    • student's virtual wallet

  3. Payments
    • Accept online payments and manually add payments
    • possibility to post payments on the basis of a bank statement (coming soon)
    • detailed payment history
    • virtual wallet - you can deposit money into it and pay for lessons in prepaid form. You can also return money for, for example, canceled paid classes to this wallet
    • automatic sending of payment reminders with payment links
    • automatic generation of debt collection emails
    • payment adjustments
    • printing KP for cash payments
    • payment schedule
    • installment payments (coming soon)

  4. Vouchers
    • You can expand the school's offerings to include the sale of gift vouchers, for example, through the website
    • there is the possibility of a refund for, for example, canceled paid classes on the voucher

  5. Notifications
    • create your own email/sms notification templates
    • ability to send attachments
    • A reminder of the student's upcoming classes
    • notification of changes in the teacher's schedule
    • notices of cancellation of classes
    • payment reminders
    • notifications related to online enrollment

  6. Reports
    • revenue report - projected and historical revenue of the school, number of classes and participants in a given period (monthly grouping), share of given subjects and payment methods in revenue
    • KP report - cash deposits/receipts report
    • payment report - a summary of student payments in a given period (useful for accounting) + csv export

  7. Configuration and personalization
    • possibility to set the name, logo, email of the school
    • possibility to configure the calendar (start, end of the day and school year, days off during the school year)
    • classrooms
    • items
    • for individual types of classes - setting notifications, time limit for cancellation, standard price, events triggered by cancellation of classes
    • Cashbill registration (online payments)
    • Payment configuration - default period, method, grouping of receivables in the student portal so that payments are made monthly.

  8. Users
    • adding users
    • defining permissions of roles assigned to users - full control over what happens in the application
    • deactivation of users
    • password reminder
    • ability to change your contact and login information
    • user deletion (compliant with RODO)

  9. Student/guardian portal
    • the possibility of combining several student accounts into a guardian account (access to the data of all wards)
    • list of upcoming classes
    • homework list
    • access to a link to online classes
    • list of active contracts
    • list of active vouchers
    • possibility to cancel individual classes and report absences from group classes (optional)
    • the possibility of arranging homework on the basis of the teacher's availability, and if there is no availability, to send a request for scheduling
    • list of overdue payments with notification of such
    • list of payments from the class
    • online payment option
    • payment history
    • possibility to buy vouchers (coming soon)
    • possibility to recharge the virtual wallet (coming soon)
    • access to materials and class notes

  10. Teacher portal - here everything depends on the permissions set
    • Access to your schedule, teacher profile, availability
    • access to the students' schedule (optional)
    • Cancelling classes, arranging homework (optional)
    • adding/removing availability
    • Access to the contact details of your students (optional)
    • view the hourly report and attendance list (optional)
    • change of date/cancellation of classes (optional)